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Folklore Studio Animation a Finalist in Yoplait ‘Seasons’ Comp

Folklore Studio have created an amazing, vibrant short animation that made the finals of the Yoplait Seasons ‘Spring’ video competition. The animation features some of my original soundtrack from ‘Scrap’, a machinima project I worked on with Folklore Studio many years ago – which also went on to place in an Unreal Tournament animation competition. These guys have some serious talent – so be sure to check them out ( Watch the short animation here:


New Library Track: “Eclipse”

I just added a new track into the library – a slow, melancholy groove-based track called ‘Eclipse‘, with a semi-acoustic/electronic vibe and lots of sympathetic string writing. Much of it has an underscore feel which should work as background for a wide range of visuals. Hope you guys find it useful. You can listen to it, or download it here: -s