It’s nice to meet you.

I am an Australian composer and arranger, primarily writing cinematic Creative Commons music for use in media. I’ve worked as a composer since 2003, writing for numerous film, game and advertising projects. My past work with boomerang! Music (in Los Angeles) found me creating cinematic library music for use in film & game advertising (trailers); with ad credits such as Terminator: Salvation, 10,000 BC, The Golden Compass, Spore, and Assassin’s Creed 2; and more recent freelance work on campaigns for Warhammer: Space Marine and Company of Heroes 2.

Recently, I’ve found myself balancing two careers simultaneously: my work as a composer, and a career as a scientist – working as a postdoctoral soil science researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, in Umeå, Sweden. My Creative Commons music library continues to grow, and is now supported by some amazingly generous supporters through Patreon and Twitch. I’m also working with Silva Screen Records on an array of fun projects, which I’ll occasionally share with you all! 😀

Much of the music I write for the library I compose live over on Twitch! If you’re keen to find out how I make my music, or just want to hang out with me and a great little community of musicians and media artists, head over to and give me a follow.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find what you’re looking for.