Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your music in a commercial project for free?

Yes – as long as you credit me for the use of my music.

Can I use your music for free in videos released on my monetised YouTube channel?

Yes – as long as you credit me. If YouTube requires further proof of the terms of use for my music, either direct them to this page, or contact me so I can provide you with a letter stating that your use is authorised.

Your music is free?! How do you make money, then?

To make ends meet, I’m supported by some fabulous Patreon donors who chip in a few bucks every time I release a new library track; on top of some equally fabulous one-off donors through PayPal. If you want to donate though, feel free! I also license my music to those who cannot attribute my work (see below).

I can’t give you credit. Can I still use your music for free?
Sadly, no. You will need to buy a license – but I’ve tried to keep them pretty affordable. You can request a license on this page: ‘Licensing‘.

Are your remixes available under CC-BY as well?
No. The remixes contain copyrighted material from the original composers, and therefore I do not own the rights to license the material. I create the remixes for a bit of fun, and to share my love of great gaming music – but I cannot license them to you for commercial use. You may download and share the remixes, but if you decide to use a remix in your own project, you do so at your own risk.

Why can’t I just download a .zip file of all your library tracks?
At the moment, my web hosting has limited bandwidth. If I just let everyone download a huge .zip file, then there will be big problems. But never fear, I hope to upgrade the hosting plan soon. If you’d like to help support the ongoing cost of hosting, consider becoming a patron over on Patreon.

Will your music give me copyright flags on my YouTube videos?
No. None of my music has been uploaded to Content ID, meaning my music should never cause any problems with copyright. However, problems do happen occasionally – please check this list for known copyright issues with the library. If you do have a problem that isn’t listed, let me know.