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New Library Track – ‘Solecism’

A jazzy track featuring piano, synth, organ, drums and bass – and a few dashes of improvisation. I rarely write jazz music, so I often feel like I’m making all sorts of mistakes that will make real jazz musos cringe – hence, the name ‘Solecism’ (a grammatical mistake!). 🤣


New Library Track – ‘Wanderlust’

🎵🎶 ‘Wanderlust ‘ (Royalty-free music)🎶🎵 A folksy, carefree track featuring mandolin, strings, piano and simple percussion. Perfect for those holiday videos no-one is filming right now… 🤣


New Library Track: ‘Midsommar’

A simple, happy if slightly melancholy track featuring piano and strings. A reflection of this year’s Midsummer celebrations here in Sweden, tempered by cool wet weather and a viral pandemic!