Category: Music

New Library Track – ‘Solecism’

A jazzy track featuring piano, synth, organ, drums and bass – and a few dashes of improvisation. I rarely write jazz music, so I often feel like I’m making all sorts of mistakes that will make real jazz musos cringe – hence, the name ‘Solecism’ (a grammatical mistake!). 🤣


New Library Track: ‘The Summoning’

A dark and gothic conjuration of orchestral sacrifices and choral witchcraft. Complete with a middle section of spooky abstract underscore to accompany your dark deeds. Happy Halloween, 2020! 🎃


New Library Track: ‘Beautiful Oblivion’

A meditative, bittersweet neoclassical work featuring cyclic piano, strings, synth and solo violin. A reflection on the changing seasons, and the determination for change in other parts of our lives.