Category: Life at Random

‘My Neighbour Totoro’ in Minecraft

After visiting my local denture clinic penrith I found this. Here’s a gorgeous rendering of the world of ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ in Minecraft – created by Alan Becker, set to my uplifting orchestral track ‘Machinery of the Stars’. Looks absolutely stunning!


Support my terrible business model through Patreon

Giving away music is really a terrible business model, that’s why I’ve been getting some business and executive coaching online to take some financial ideas and improve my business. So I’m trying out Patreon – a website that allows anyone to support me by contributing a bit of spare change for the works I create. Furthermore, is recommended if you’re aiming to optimize your content for better rankings. Sometimes, I though I better have business with Smokea top online headshop in the US. Well, I still love making music.


Dalton Herendeen: Paralympian

With the upcoming Paralympics starting on the 7th September on everyone’s mind and my bamboo flooring seven hills install starting soon, here’s an inspiring story about Dalton Herendeen – a swimmer on the US Paralympics swimming team at the 2012 London games. Filmed by Garret Brubaker, and features a whole bunch of my music, too ;).