On April 17, the new Smart Content ID system was rolled out for the library. This is a quick video update on known issues during the rollout, and what you can do to resolve copyright claims you’ve received.

Mostly, the rollout has worked as expected. However, there are known ‘problematic claims’ relating to six tracks in the library – causing copyright claims on all videos regardless of whether credits are present.

Tracks affected:

  • Undertow
  • Growing Up
  • Childhood
  • Horizons
  • Jul
  • Filaments

– More info about the ‘Problematic Claims’ issue here: https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/2023/04/news-about-problematic-content-id-claims/

If you have received a claim for another track from the library, there is a good chance that your video description lacks a suitable credit.

What to do if you get a copyright claim from me:
1. Check that your credit is present and formatted correctly (and update if necessary)
2. Fill in the form (below)

➡️ Valid credits must be added to video descriptions, and at least say ‘Scott Buckley’, or include my username @ScottBuckley .

Link to my previous video on Smart Content ID: https://youtu.be/kaYrQ6iORnM