Using this music without attribution

If you cannot provide an attribution as part of the project (for instance, use in advertising which doesn’t permit attribution), the CC BY license does not apply. To use the music without crediting me, you will need to purchase a license. The type of license you need will depend your project, and how to plan to use the music.

The following table outlines licenses, applicable uses and their prices (in Australian Dollars – AUD):

Usage Type CC-BY License
(with credit)
Web License Standard License Full License
Online Multimedia – YouTube, Vimeo & Social Media, Website Background Music, Animation, Film etc.
Music On Hold *
Background Music – in bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms etc. *
Web Advertising *
Film – other than online only (i.e. cinema distribution)
Software – games, apps, CD/DVD/BLURAY multimedia
Public Event *
Local TV/Radio Advertising *
National/International TV/Radio Advertising *
per track
$75 AUD
per track
$300 AUD
per track

* If you can find a way to credit me, then the CC-BY license still stands, and it’s free. Contact me to discuss!

License Restrictions

  • This music cannot be resold in isolation – any resale must have the music synchronised with other media. Sound effects, or recorded vocals or dialogue layered over the track do not count as synchronisation.
  • Purchased licenses are valid on a per project basis only. If you wish to use the music in a separate project (without attribution), you will need to purchase an additional license.
  • Music cannot be redistributed through music distribution services (e.g. DistroKid,, CDBaby), or submitted in any way to streaming services (e.g. Spotify) or online stores (e.g. iTunes).

Request a License