I’m a Science Communicator.

Along with my own postdoctoral research, I design scientifically-informed diagrams for journal articles, textbooks and educational resources. It’s a privilege to combine by creative background with my newly-developed scientific skills, and I’m keen to pursue opportunities with new collaborators in the future.

Informative, engaging imagery can help communicate your research in a concise and accessible manner. Contact me if you would like some help designing something for your own project.

Video & Animations

Illustrations / Diagrams

Soil Microdialysis

Buckley et al., 2017, Soil Biology & Biochemistry
A conceptual diagram depicting the differences in solute recovery from solution and soil environments, using the microdialysis method. This illustration features in my first scientific publication:

Buckley, S., Brackin, R., Näsholm, T., Schmidt, S., Jämtgård, S., 2017. Improving in situ recovery of soil nitrogen using the microdialysis technique. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 114, 93-103. (Link)

Diversity of Plant Root Structures

Plants in Action Textbook, 2017
An illustration exploring root structures employed by plants to acquire nutrients. The diagram was created for an online textbook ‘Plants in Action’, edited by Rana Munns, Susanne Schmidt and Christine Beveridge, and published by the Australian Society of Plant Scientists. http://plantsinaction.science.uq.edu.au/

Soil Biology Food Web

Brackin et al., 2016, Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists
A diagram outlining the complex interactions between plants, microbes and soil fauna, as well as biological indicators that can be used to quantify these interactions (in black boxes). This illustration features in:

Brackin, R., Schmidt, S., Walter, D., Bhuiyan, S., Buckley, S., Anderson, J., 2017. Soil biological health—what is it and how can we improve it?, Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, pp. 141-154. (Link)

The Nitrogen Cycle

PhD Thesis
A simplified diagram outlining the nitrogen cycle in a natural ecosystem, including main sources and sinks.


Plant Probiotics to Save the World

Shelby Berg – 2016 QANTAS Travel Award Entry
An animation made as an entry into the 2016 QANTAS Travel Awards – outlining Shelby’s research in plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). Made with Adobe After Effects and Premiere, with a bit of editing in Illustrator. I composed the music specifically for the video.

Food for a Healthy Planet

AGRC1040 Course Teaser (The University of Queensland)
A short ‘teaser’ trailer for ‘Food for the Healthy Planet’ (AGRC1040), a first-year course at The University of Queensland. Animated in Adobe After Effects, and features my own music track ‘Rainbows’, a Creative Commons track available from my library.

Science Over Coffee

Intro Animation, YouTube Series
‘Science Over Coffee’ is a YouTube series led by Dr Lee Hickey of The University of Queensland. I contributed the animated introduction, logo design and custom music.