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New Library Track: ‘Call To Adventure’

An orchestral homage to (what I believe) is the golden age of Hollywood – the 80s! An adventurous hero’s theme, with a sweeping soft ‘B’ theme from 1:21 – building up to a thematic finale at 2:17. Takes elements from all my favourite film composers – John Williams, Alan Silvestri, James Horner, and many others. Thanks for the childhood!


New Library Track: ‘First Snow’

A calm, gentle hymn for piano, strings and clarinet. Builds up to a heart-warming, uplifting backend from 2:00. Here’s to an equally calm holiday season! Merry Christmas, folks!?


New Library Track: ‘A Kind Of Hope’

A bittersweet piano track with strings and atmospheric synth. A simple musical reflection on my optimism about life… always tinged with a little bit of hesitation – but it’s still a kind of hope! ?