‘Monomyth’ is a concept album; a soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist, It’s roughly based around the model of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth story template – also called  the ‘Hero’s Journey’, which many stories and films are based upon (including Lord of the Rings and Star Wars).

The main theme is loosely-based on one of my older library tracks ‘Tears of a Distant Sun’ – which I thought was worthy of a little more development.

I wanted the album to feature a few different styles and tempos, to hopefully to give everyone a track that’s useful for you. I’ve written everything from ambient piano & atmospheric electronics, through to epic orchestral action with full percussion and choir! Hopefully, it all fits into a broader narrative of a cinematic journey from humble beginnings to heroic achievement.

All the tracks are released under the usual Creative Commons Attribution license, meaning you can use them in your own projects (including commercial ones) as long as you credit me.

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Track listing (and goofy storytelling!)

1. The Distant Sun

All journeys start here – the place of safety and calm, but looking to the stars and dreaming of a different life; a different world. Effected strings and solo cello set the scene, creating a calm, but not quite serene atmosphere.

2. The Call

Our lives have their own excitement, and they help us see the beyond the mundane and reach for the stars. The main theme gets its first dramatic airing, with full orchestral and driving percussion & electronics, but dropping away to a sobering reminder of the protagonist’s place in the universe.

3. The Things That Keep Us Here

Family. Duty. The things that keep us grounded, what keep us from giving up on our hopes, but what also holds us back from stepping across the precipice into the unknown. Ambient, effected piano and synth create a thoughtful, slightly melancholy atmosphere.

4. The Vision

Unearthing knowledge of what truly lies in the unknown is breathtaking, but also terrifying – a realisation of what must be done. Wavering ambient synth and strings morph into a realised version of the main theme on solo cello, ending with a quiet, serene theme, reflecting a greater understanding of the universe.

5. The Exodus

Leaving your home in pursuit of the unknown is harrowing, and painful. But it is also empowering. Melancholy strings build with synths and percussion, driving ever higher until the protagonist crosses the precipice – a first flight into the unknown.

6. The Spaces Between

The unknown is strange and bewildering, but also lonely, and we are reminded of the things we left behind, and the long road that lies ahead of us. Slow, ambient strings and synths provide a starry background for some brooding solo cello.

7. The Encounter

The protagonist is truly tested for the first time. The darkness enters, and the threat is real. Driving, menacing synth and strings slowly build towards a dramatic, epic drop, ending unresolved.

8. The Endurance

When we face the hardest of trials, we find out who we really are. The protagonist fights to overcome, and realises the strength within them. Epic, driving action, ending on a heroic rendition of the main theme.

9. The Fall

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, we fail. What matters is what we do next. A dark brass chord signals a dark change, the uncertainty. Solo cello fights to find some sense, but fails again. Soft, emotional strings signal the certainty and power that the protagonist requires to rise again.

10. The Rise

A bold, empowering rendition of the theme, as the protagonist realises their potential, and journeys towards their final goal. Driving uplifting epic orchestra!

11. The Fury

The final trial, as we all fight to achieve, to finish the journey. Epic, driving action, finishing on a bold final statement of theme.

12. The Restoration

The protagonist returns home, restoring the calm and familiarity, but tempered with the certainty of greater knowledge beyond the wall. Simple effected piano with a restrained rendition of the main theme.


I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

Scott. 😀