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New Library Track: ‘Escape Velocity’

High energy, with lots of synths, epic percussion and orchestra, with some emotional vocal lines bringing some emotional, inspirational feeling. It’s got some suspenseful moments which would work for some spy thriller-type vibes, but it brings enough energy for some fast-paced action scenes.


New Library Track: ‘Cirrus’

A meditative, atmospheric, emotional neoclassical track with floaty synths and strings. After an emotionally draining couple of weeks, working on this piece was exactly what I needed – to spend some time floating away with some simple but cathartic writing. ⛅


New Library Track: ‘Three Sheets To The Wind’

A rollicking orchestral cue – high fantasy adventure mixed with some western vibes, sprinkled with an Irish jig, and set within a stage production of Pirates of Penzance. I was *this* close to calling it ‘How to Drain Your Flagon’ for obvious reasons. ?