Category: Music

‘The Waster’ released on the ‘Tube

Check out this very cute, funny short about a layabout who is prompted by a noir-like dream to turn his life around. The film features my attempt at channelling Bernard Herrmann’s characteristic orchestral drama.


‘Seagull’ – Some Kickass GoPro Footage

I’m seeing a lot of people using my music for some AMAZING GoPro landscape footage lately. Check out this one from Steven Zuber, zooming around Mallorca, SP. The video uses my track ‘Icarus’.


‘The Knights’ – a football film about character

Here’s quite an amazing short documentary on the ‘Knights’ – a high-school American Football team, and the character it requires to take on the best in the comp. I must say, this film is brilliantly shot, edited and directed. The music is really well used too – including my own tracks ‘Vegeance’ and ‘Crusader’. Being an Australian, it’s hard to fathom the emphasis placed on high-school and university sporting competitions, especially in football. But you crazy US fellas love those Friday night lights, huh? Enjoy! -s