I’ve been busy! Here’s a list of new stuff – library tracks and theme remixes — that I’ve been posting in the last month or so.

Library track: ‘Ashes of a Fallen Year’

‘Ashes of a Fallen Year’ is actually a remaster of a much older library track (listen here), using my current line-up of sample libraries. I loved this track so much at the time – it’s great to breathe some life back into an old favorite like this.

Download it from the library >>

Library Track: ‘She Moved Mountains’

‘She Moved Mountains’ is a musical response to the passing of someone I knew. Simple piano and strings, focusing on those moments between.

Download it from the library >>

Orchestral Remix: ‘Overture for Avengers: Endgame’

So, I’m a little hyped for Avengers: Endgame. In attempt to vent a bit of that eagerness, I made an orchestral overture to AE using some of Alan Silvestri’s great themes from Infinity War.

Download it from the Remixes page >>