There’s been a wave of Content ID copyright flags against videos using my track ‘Red’. I’m working to resolve this – but here’s what you should do next.

The claimant details are as follows:

The claimant video appears to use about 50 seconds of my track ‘Red’ as an introduction to the main music video. My music has been used inappropriately, and so I am working to resolve this issue.

If you’ve received a claim against your video – please dispute the claim, and use my library page as evidence for my music: I’m hoping that with enough counter-claims (including from me), we can resolve this for everyone quickly.

Content ID is a real pain for Creative Commons creators like myself. I try my best to keep my tracks out of fingerprinting services like Content ID, but it’s people like this that make life difficult. Please, please please do not redistribute my music through online services that upload to Content ID – even if you attribute me in the upload, it destroys the usefulness of the track for everyone else, and it destroys my soul a fraction each time. ?

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.