Author: Scott Buckley

New Library Track: ‘Life In Silico’

A bright, bubbly piece for piano and strings, but ending with a contemplative, bittersweet tone. It reminds me a bit of ‘The Sims’, and all its ideals of domestic bliss. Also reminds me of lazy days basking on beaches during summer, and of long hours with family and friends.


New Library Track: ‘Sanctuary’

A suspenseful, mysterious track with piano, strings and synth. Commissioned by an anonymous fan, and written as a title theme for a pen and paper RPG currently under development.


New Library Track: ‘Affirmations’

A bittersweet piece for piano, strings and synth – but with a rather optimistic, uplifting chorus, and a contemplative finish. Inspired by those moments that affirm your life choices, and motivate you to keep going. ❤️