Author: Scott Buckley

New Library Track: ‘Wayfarer’

A soaring, uplifting orchestral track featuring female solo vocals for some extra emotional impact! Reminds me of epic journeys and landscapes; of endings and beginnings.


New Library Track: ‘Falling Together

A sentimental, raw, slow-moving work for effected piano, strings and synth – with a mellow middle section with strings, building up the final reprise of the main piano motif. Reminds me of stoicism in the face of adversity. Perhaps, with a friend at your side. 🥰


New library track: ‘Goliath’

An epic, action-packed battle track for your next boss battle! Six minutes of driving, percussive synths, bold brass and choir, and soaring strings to help the hero in you to overcome. ⚔️🛡️