An epic re-orchestration of the main themes from Daft Punk’s score for Tron: Legacy. The recent news about Daft Punk breaking up spurred me to make this, as their score for has Tron: Legacy has really influenced me over the last decade.

The score is a masterclass in the blending of synth and orchestra, and some big props also have to go to Joseph Trapanese, who worked with Daft Punk as the orchestrator (and who also worked with M83 on his score for Oblivion – another score I’m super-fond of!).

I’ve worked in a few themes from the film, and I’ve listed them below with timecodes: 00:00 — ‘Overture’ 02:02 — ‘The Grid’ 03:02 — ‘Recognizer’ (mixed with a little ‘The Game Has Changed / Rinzler’) 04:27 — ‘Adagio for TRON’ 05:14 — ‘Son of Flynn’ (plus a little bit of ad-lib…) 06:25 — ‘Tron: Legacy’ theme, one last time!

It’s hard to do justice to such a wonderful score, but it was super-fun nonetheless. Enjoy!

RIP, Daft Punk! ❤️