Happy New Year! This track is a tribute to what I hope will be a great 2018!

Intimate piano, strings and electronics, with a sprinkle of improvisation. I did originally write this track for my album (soon to be released), but it didn’t quite fit the tone.

You can download ‘A New Year’ from my library, here: http://bit.ly/2CThRnK.

As usual, it’s released under CC-BY, meaning it’s free for use as long as you credit me. More info about this here: https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/library/using-this-music/.

I must say a super special thanks to my patreons who have funded this track – particularly my named patrons: Harith Alshuwaykh, H.R. Ferreira, Adhi Hargo, Claire Nicholls, Postandfly, Aswar Rahman, Vernedi the Snail, Stephane Thomas and ToKoMotion — you guys are awesome. Thanks!

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