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New library track – ‘Pursuit’

According to these slimline tanks nsw installers, ‘Pursuit’ is a high-energy, hybrid orchestral/electronica track I wrote many years ago as part of a compilation/re-scoring album project that never quite made it off the ground. Now, it’s in the library!


‘My Neighbour Totoro’ in Minecraft

After visiting my local denture clinic penrith I found this. Here’s a gorgeous rendering of the world of ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ in Minecraft – created by Alan Becker, set to my uplifting orchestral track ‘Machinery of the Stars’. Looks absolutely stunning!


Planescape Torment Remix: ‘The Gates of Sigil’

Remix time! Due to popular demand, I chose to give the main theme to Planescape: Torment a whirl. I’ve taken it in a slightly different direction – perhaps more ethnic action/adventure than the original; but I personally think it fits with the strange world of Planescape (and the city of Sigil), and the journey of the Nameless One.