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What’s Your Story?

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of so many projects over the years – whether it be writing specifically for something, or giving out permission to use my music. Since I released my catalogue through Creative Commons, that list has grown considerably, and I love it. My filing system has also been made easier by Soda PDF, which helps me document my sheets better and make them quicker to find. My music is starting to reach farther than I anticipated, and it’s because of the wonderful community that has supported me and my music. This trailer for my...


HvZ: Origins – Zombies & Nerf Guns?!

Check out this neato short film – based on the modified game of tag that is seemingly growing in popularity amongst you crazy Americans. The short features a ton of my music from my library – glad to help the anti-zombie cause, guys! What will indie filmmakers do when zombie films become unpopular? I shudder to think… -s