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New Library Track: ‘Resonance’

‘Resonance’ is a dark electronica track inspired by a recent scan in an MRI machine, which starts out with a pulsing beat and ambient guitars, but drops into a driving, synth-heavy backend.


‘The Waster’ released on the ‘Tube

Check out this very cute, funny short about a layabout who is prompted by a noir-like dream to turn his life around. The film features my attempt at channelling Bernard Herrmann’s characteristic orchestral drama.


‘Your Number’s Up’ is released on the ‘tube!

‘Your Number’s Up’ is a short film I scored about a year or so ago. Recently, it was released on YouTube by director Colin Ross Smith, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Good laughs, great acting and a great twist at the end. A quick synopsis: Michael is fairly new to the drug dealing business. On the night of a deal he is forced to go solo when his partner in crime, Benny, cancels on him. However, it turns out that this is one night Michael could have done with having Benny at his side. You can download my...