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Stargate remix – ‘Bringer of War’

This is my take on the absolutely amazing Stargate theme, originally composed by David Arnold for the 1994 sci fi classic. An older version of this ‘remix’ was arranged for a feature-length Stargate fan film that never quite made it into existence, which mashed together some elements from Roman mythology into the Stargate universe. Hence, there is some not-so-subtle nods to Holst’s ‘Mars, the Bringer of War’ in here.


Once I ‘Remixed’ the Stargate Theme for a Fan-Film…

And the film was called ‘Stargate: Bringer of War’ – an idea from my good friend Colin Ross Smith of Foghorn Films. The title gave me the absolute right to blend the original Stargate theme by David Arnold with Holst’s well-known ‘Mars – the Bringer of War’ from his ‘The Planets’ suite. The result was what you hear here.