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Copyright Claims on Twitch & Facebook – List of Tracks Affected and Updates

Since the recent Twitch copyright crackdown, more of you have been choosing my music for your streams – and that’s great! However, today I’ve received reports of claims against streams using particular library tracks. As Twitch and Facebook use the same fingerprinting service (Audible Magic), Facebook videos are also affected. So, I wanted to highlight which tracks are affected, and what’s being done about it.


New Library Track: ‘The Summoning’

A dark and gothic conjuration of orchestral sacrifices and choral witchcraft. Complete with a middle section of spooky abstract underscore to accompany your dark deeds. Happy Halloween, 2020! 🎃


New Library Track: ‘Beautiful Oblivion’

A meditative, bittersweet neoclassical work featuring cyclic piano, strings, synth and solo violin. A reflection on the changing seasons, and the determination for change in other parts of our lives.