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Planescape Torment Remix: ‘The Gates of Sigil’

Remix time! Due to popular demand, I chose to give the main theme to Planescape: Torment a whirl. I’ve taken it in a slightly different direction – perhaps more ethnic action/adventure than the original; but I personally think it fits with the strange world of Planescape (and the city of Sigil), and the journey of¬†the Nameless One.


Tropical Biology is Cool.

Tropical rainforests harbour some of the greatest biodiversity of animals and plants on the planet. Sadly, many of these species are under threat from the activity of one particular species: Homo sapiens. Here’s a lovely¬†short film about La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica, helping to study and conserve species¬†under threat. Features my recent track ‘Never Dying’.