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New Library Track: ‘Precipice’

A short, sweeping fantasy orchestral track evoking the anticipation of approaching the unknown, the confusion and terror as you cross the threshold, and the pride and relief as you learn and grow from your discoveries. This piece came 3rd in the Orchestral Tools ‘Discovery’ competition, where I won a copy of Modus! ? Album art by Amanda Buckley, from an original image by Mike Kolp (via Pexels): ?Download ‘Precipice’ for free from my library here: ? You can also listen here: ▶ Spotify: ▶ Apple Music: ▶ Amazon Music: ▶ Tidal: ▶ Deezer:


New Library Track – ‘Solecism’

A jazzy track featuring piano, synth, organ, drums and bass – and a few dashes of improvisation. I rarely write jazz music, so I often feel like I’m making all sorts of mistakes that will make real jazz musos cringe – hence, the name ‘Solecism’ (a grammatical mistake!). ?