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5 Reasons Why Filmmakers Should Use Legal Music

Sites like YouTube and Vimeo have given filmmakers the world over the chance to showcase their filmmaking abilities to the masses. But I gotta tell ya folks, there are plenty of you out there that illegally use music in the process. Here’s a few reasons why you should acquire music for your next project ‘legally’.


Fury3 Re-Orchestration

Fury3 was one of my most favourite games growing up, and the intro to the game was what did it for me; the music by Kyle Richards made a huge impact on me. This week I had a go at updating the intro with some more modern sample libraries.


Some Old Projects…

Whilst I currently work on a  project to bring you something new, I thought I’d share something I found on YouTube today; some old projects from my University days, that were lovingly uploaded by their director Scott Walmsley.