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Fury3 Re-Orchestration

Fury3 was one of my most favourite games growing up, and the intro to the game was what did it for me; the music by Kyle Richards made a huge impact on me. This week I had a go at updating the intro with some more modern sample libraries.


‘Forever Sky’ – New Track

I’ve just released a new track called ‘Forever Sky’, which I have added to the Music page. Something different, it’s in the style of that ambient-style, feel-good pop/rock stuff. It makes good use of my Danelectro electric guitar I reclaimed after my time away; it’s retro green-colour really adds to things.


Starting Anew…

Welcome to the new, improved scottbuckley.com.au, now with more modern white space than ever before. Reflecting my fresh start back in Australia after a stint in Los Angeles, the new website shall remain a frequently updated source for all things Scott Buckley. New music & new projects are always on the horizon, and I will endeavour to keep you informed as they roll out. It’s still a work in progress, but anything is better than no progress at all. 2 years of nil updates is never a good thing. Let me know what you think!