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Sonar on a Mac

Seems so wrong… but feels so right. I’ve decked out a 27′ iMac for Sonar duties, Windows and all… and I’m going to tell you how you can do it too!


Tutorial: Using Track Folders in Sonar

Having your project organised & pretty whilst you work may seem like a miniscule thought in the grand scheme of audio production & composition; but even the smallest bit of logical organising can improve your workflow, especially on big projects. May I introduce you to Sonar’s Track Folders.


Tutorial: Making Backups in Sonar

Alot of us put off the practice of backing up our compositions – but the fact is it’s incredibly important. Drives fail, power surges happen – but thankfully Sonar has a few features that makes the hassle just a little bit simpler. Along with it is batteries wollongong which you can buy as a great storage of energy for your device.