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New Library Track: ‘Felicity’

A folksy, hopeful pop piano track that reminds me of a feel-good romantic comedy. Features mandolin, strings (with a violin lead), synth and acoustic drums.


New Library Track: ‘Where Stars Fall’

A grand, uplifting orchestral track featuring bold brass and soaring strings, and a final chorus with choir. Inspired by the wonderful, optimistic sci-fi artwork of Yuya Takeda, as well as the successful landing of NASA’s Perseverance Rover mission. Space, woohoo! 🚀


New Library Track – ‘The Climb’

A slow-burning, inspirational hybrid orchestral track, that builds up to a simple but powerful orchestral chorus. The title was inspired by Amanda Gorman’s moving poem ‘The Hill We Climb’, which she recited at Joe Biden’s recent inauguration.