Using This Music

The music (mp3 downloads) found on is made available under the Creative Commons ‘Attribution 4.0 International’ (CC BY 4.0) License (unless stated otherwise).

Creative Commons

This means that you are free to adapt & use Scott’s music in your project, so long as:

  1. Scott is credited as:
    [Music by] or [Additional Music by] or [Track Title] by Scott Buckley –

  2. State whether any modifications have been made from the original track (if applicable).

Simply put – this means that the music in this library is freely available, even for commercial use, as long as attribution is given, and (if applicable) a statement of modification. See the Creative Commons BY License for more details.

If you cannot provide an attribution as part of the project (for instance, use in advertising which doesn’t permit attribution), the CC BY license does not apply. Contact me for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your music in a commercial project?

Yes – as long as you credit me for the use of my music.

Can I use your music in videos released on my monetised YouTube channel?

Yes – as long as you credit me. If YouTube requires further proof of the terms of use for my music, either direct them to this page, or contact me so I can provide you with a letter stating that your use is authorised.

Wasn’t your music previously unavailable for commercial use?

Yes. However, as I progress further into my science career, music has become an enjoyable hobby rather than a job. I’d prefer my music be used by enthusiastic people far and wide, than see it sit unused, gathering digital dust in some dark corner of the internet. So… keep it free, I say. If you want to donate though, feel free!