Using This Music

The music (mp3 downloads) found on is made available under the Creative Commons ‘Attribution 4.0 International’ (CC BY 4.0) License (unless stated otherwise).

Creative Commons

This means that you are free to adapt & use my music in your project, so long as I am credited as:

[Music by] or [Additional Music by] or [Track Title] by Scott Buckley –

Simply put – this means that the music in this library is FREE, even for commercial use, as long as attribution is given. See the Creative Commons BY License for more details.

License Restrictions

This music cannot be re-released or resold in isolation, and must be synchronised with other media (e.g. film). Sound effects, or recorded vocals or dialogue layered over the track do not count as synchronisation. This is required to prevent illegal copyright claims against YouTube videos (and similar uses) using my CC-BY library music.

Please note: my orchestral remixes are not included as part of the Creative Commons library, as they contain copyrighted thematic material from the original composers. You may download and share the remixes, but if you decide to use a remix in a project, you do so at your own risk.

Using this music WITHOUT attribution

What if you are working on a project which cannot provide attribution (for instance, a TV advertisement)? In this instance, the CC-BY license does not apply, and you will need to buy a license.

The type of license you need will depend your project, and how to plan to use the music.

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