Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your music in a commercial project for free?

Yes – as long as you credit me for the use of my music.

Can I use your music for free in videos released on my monetised YouTube channel?

Yes – as long as you credit me. If YouTube requires further proof of the terms of use for my music, either direct them to this page, or contact me so I can provide you with a letter stating that your use is authorised.

Wasn’t your music previously unavailable for commercial use?

Yes. However, I just want my music used – and making it openly available to everyone is a great way to do that. To make ends meet, I’m supported by some fabulous Patreon donors who chip in a few bucks every time I release a new library track; on top of some equally fabulous one-off donors through PayPal. If you want to donate though, feel free!

I can’t give you credit. Can I still use your music for free?
Nope, sorry. You will need to buy a license – but I’ve tried to keep them pretty affordable. You can request a license on this page: ‘Licensing‘.

Are your remixes available under CC-BY as well?
No. The remixes contain copyrighted material from the original composers, and therefore I do not own the rights to license the material. I create the remixes for a bit of fun, and to share my love of great gaming music – but I cannot license them to you for commercial use. You may download and share the remixes, but if you decide to use a remix in your own project, you do so at your own risk.