Two new ambient tracks are now in the library, just waiting to be used: ‘Genesis’ and ‘Cobalt’.

Both tracks are ambient, with improvised strings & synth, one with a pinch of piano, the other with a singing synth! 

Alternative versions of these tracks are also available – hopefully you can find something that will work for your projects! 

‘Genesis’ is a short experiment in making a synth sing! Simple string chords, droning synth and a melodic, singing synth to accompany.

‘Cobalt’ is an ambient piano improvisation with shifting synths and atmospheric strings. It doesn’t really go anywhere – but sometimes that’s the best way to be!

Thanks to my generous named patreons:  Harith Alshuwaykh, H.R. Ferreira, Adhi Hargo, Claire Nicholls, Postandfly, Aswar Rahman and Vernedi the Snail, AND… to everyone else who’s chipped in. Thanks!!!