I’ve added ‘Solstice’ – a simple, uplifting track with piano & strings – to the library.

I’ve had a draft of this track sitting around for quite a while – a potential track for an upcoming album (maybe?) I’m working towards. However, the vibe of the track didn’t match that of many of the other tracks I had created so far (too upbeat), so I thought it would make a good addition to the library.

You can download it from my library here: https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/library/solstice/.

I recently upgraded to NI Komplete 11, which features some lovely piano libraries. What features here is a mix of the ‘Una Corda’ and ‘The Gentleman’ libraries – both are uprights, but the Una Corda is a perfect layering piano, with many gorgeous instrument noises which make for a more intimately-recorded sound. I’ve also got some Spitfire strings in there (from London Contemporary Strings), but with the East West Hollywood Strings doing most of the work.

I also thought it was a great chance to record my accordion, which sadly doesn’t get to see the light of day much. It was my Uncle George’s before he passed away many years ago, and I really should give this baby a good playing more often. The sound of the accordion – particularly larger ones like this one – is so big and cinematic; so rich and full of motion and life.

My Uncle George’s accordion. Beautiful, lush tones… Having fun recording it today. 🎹🎙

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I hope you enjoy the track!