Here’s a simple, bittersweet string cue inspired by the glorious artwork of Estonian artist, Kuldar Leement.

I’m trying to find ways to get sketching again, and is the perfect place to find brilliant, atmospheric artworks to use as triggers for musical ideas.

I’m a fan of Sci-Fi digital art, and I’ve found Kuldar’s use of bright, bold colour, and unique design elements really striking. He creates quite an optimistic view of science fiction landscapes and environments that really appeals to me; something which I think is often avoided for more dystopian imagery. View his beautiful artwork on here:

‘Theory of Machines’ by Kuldar Leement.

I was also a little inspired by a recent concert given by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, exploring a range of Chinese orchestral works as part of celebrations for Chinese New Year. I was particularly struck by how lush and sweeping these pieces were – particularly some traditional arrangements by Yuan-kai Bao, and an amazing work composed and performed by Zhao Cong – ‘Apsaras on the Silk Road’. The intercept of Eastern and Western cultures is truly realised in Chinese orchestral music, and it’s really, really f***ing cool.

My piece ‘Theory of Machines’ is available for download from my library here: As usual, it’s released under CC-BY, meaning you can do whatever you want with the track, as long as you credit me :).