Giving away music is really a terrible business model. So I’m trying out Patreon – a website that allows anyone to support me by contributing a bit of spare change for the works I create.

>>> Become a Patron! <<<

Although my music-making has changed from a professional career to a semi-pro hobby, there are still plenty of costs involved – sample libraries, web hosting, gear maintenance and replacement. It adds up – as any musician can attest to. So, I’m trying out Patreon, a website that allows anyone to make a contribution to my music-making by pledging a small amount of money per track I create.

There’s no obligation, of course – my music will always remain free. But if you do choose to chip in, you can do so with as little a $1 per track, and you can set limits as to how many times you can be charged per month. Best of all, you can cancel at anytime you feel you can’t afford to keep contributing.

If you don’t want to, or can’t afford to, then that’s fine! The best thing you can do is simply use and share my music with the world, through your projects. The more people who know about my music, and use it, the better!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far; I hope we can keep working together for a while yet. 🙂