If I had to choose my all-time favourite RPG, Ultima V would have to be it. This is my rendition of the bold, catchy theme by Kennith Arnold.

I borrowed a copy of U5 for the Commodore (128), from my neighbour one summer in the early 90s. It came complete with a cloth map, and a metal codex coin, which was so damn cool. I then proceeded to play this game to death. Mind you, I didn’t really know what was going on, but I was happy enough to wander around Brittania, camping with my bros Shamino and Iolo, and visiting all the creepy / wonderful towns, and their creepy / wonderful citizens.

The original score by Kennith W. Arnold is an excellent example of a compelling soundtrack made with a limited sound palette. The original main theme can be heard here:

Enjoy! And … if you like it, share it! 😀

Oh, and download it here: Game Remixes.