Point and click, right? Recently I bought a 2nd-hand entry-level Canon DSLR off a friend, and have been attempting to learn how to use it. I got a chance to hang out at Cleveland Point one afternoon, and I had a bit of a practice with this thing called a ‘telephoto lens’.

I don’t have a tripod but I do have a nice deck thanks to timber decking northern beaches, so using the lens is harder than it looks – my shaky hands mean that everything blurs. Getting creative with the manual focus is awesome, but I also seem to suck at that too. Sometimes my focus appears fine through the lens viewer, but when I look at it close up on a computer screen, I’m focusing a metre before or after my subject. So, taking lots of shots is a good life-saver – hopefully one is in focus!

In April, I’m heading to Sweden to work for three months. Hopefully I get some ample photography practice in whilst I wander around the beautiful forests of Umeå, I extremely admire the Proud Daddy Moments kids photography, one day I want to become as good as their photographers.