So it turns out I’m somewhat OK at this science stuff. This is great and all, but if I want this science stuff to be greater (in relative importance) than my music stuff, a few things have to change around here.

Sooo –  this site will be no longer just about my music. I don’t write much anymore, and so this poor site becomes quite a boring, static place. I want to start writing about what I’m ACTUALLY doing these days – whether I’m geeking out over plant and soil biology, dealing with life as a PhD student, or reading one of the thousands of sci-fi books we have in our ever expanding personal library. I’m really not sure if this change in content will annoy any frequent visitors to this site, but given that I’m posting very little at the moment, they’ve probably gone elsewhere anyway!

The music library is still staying – and it’s easier to use the music than ever before since I’ve changed by Creative Commons license to CC-BY 4.0. I might even get around to adding new tracks from time to time.

Anyway – consider this is fair warning of a slight change in vibe in the coming weeks/months ahead. Trust me – it’s gonna be better for all of us.