Check out this very cute, funny short about a layabout who is prompted by a noir-like dream to turn his life around. The film features my attempt at channelling Bernard Herrmann’s characteristic orchestral drama.

Jeffrey Matthews is a promising writer, but he has two problems; writers block and an anal girlfriend who hates seeing him waste his life away. Jeff thinks he can continue living this slobbish lifestyle forever, but it seems that he is about to learn that this is not the case.

Starring J Aime Le Gordon, Shona Denovan, Joe Cassidy and Tommy Jay Brennan. Written by Mark Loftus and Produced by Luke Luke Joseph Aherne. Cinematography by Calum Bob Weir. Music by Scott Buckley and soundmix by Scott Mackay. Costume and make-up by Sarah Michael.

You can download the soundtrack to The Waster from my library, at this link: More info about the film can be found her: