Here’s another great project I recently scored with – the ‘League of Legends: First Person’ live action series, to celebrate LoLWeek on Machinima Realm.

To be honest, I’ve never played League of Legends – but I know that millions of players the world over do. With that in mind, I couldn’t miss the chance of writing some music for a unique live-action project like this, which puts the seats the viewer right in the midst of a 1-vs-1 champion battle in the first person. The guys at worked pretty darn hard to make these work, including director James Shaughnessy and team, so a big ‘hell yeah!’ goes out to them.

Enjoy! -s

Fiddlesticks vs Ahri

Kog’maw vs Lux

Graves vs Miss Fortune

Mecha Kha’zix vs Ashe