About Scott

More info about me!

I was once a musician. Or at least, I once regarded myself as one. I followed the ‘dream’ and found out it didn’t really suit me.

But that’s OK, because I think I found a better dream – to become a scientist! After years of creative free-thinking in the world of music, I’m now learning to focus my mind on more important matters like biochemistry and ecology.

To that end, I’ve just completed my BSc at The University of Queensland. My fellow students were on average 10 years younger than me, but whatever – I’ve been told I’m quite immature for my age. 2014 brings on my Honours year – which is when the REAL fun starts.

This blog is your window into what it’s like to be a mature-age science student approaching the world from a completely new angle. It’s also my resource for developing my skills as a science communicator… plus a great way to journal neat resources and facts I come across along the way.

So join me as I attempt to boldly go where few musicians have gone before – into a science degree…