‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer wants me to believe This is Not End

13 December 2013 / By Scott

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about something trailer-related, but the music in the recently released trailer for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is phenomenal.

That drop – especially that drop – at 1:37 into a beautiful, glorious, epically dark but hopefully bright major chord is just bliss. So simple yet so effective.

The actual track feels like a remix of something – with a bit of the building trailer treatment. I’ve been trying to pin down a likely artist for that cool synth vocal, but yet to find out.

The film looks great too – another science fiction blockbuster from Tom Cruise, who seems to be reinventing himself at the moment. Fine by me… his last romp in ‘Oblivion’ was fantastic, with another great score to boot.


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Hello Scott,
I came across your website looking for this song. I agree, the song sounds amazing. I wasn’t able to find full song anywhere yet. But, as you guessed, it is a remix of a song called “This Is Not The End” by Clare Maguire. It doesn’t sound anything like the remix, but the lyrics are great. It will be interesting to hear the full remix, as well as the rest of the score.

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Ooh thanks for that. It’s a great remix… But I wonder whether it was made specifically for the trailer. Hopefully it gets it’s own release – trailers tend to be a great way of getting new music out into the wide world.

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It WAS made specifically for the trailer. Hope it’s available in the soundtrack?

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Actually its by a group called Fieldwork

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Brilliant! Thanks Alanna! 😀

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http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iS2aVIrEc2o you may have already found this but this sounds the closest to the trailer

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