Hello, Autoclave

13 September 2013 / By Scott

Metallic, chunky machines freak me out. Who knows why – some traumatic childhood experience maybe – but they do. So when I met Mr Autoclave this week, I kinda had a moment.

Not outwardly mind you. But if anyone was looking, they’d see a 30-year old guy, staring at   the autoclave in the corner, gingerly prodding the levers, seemingly half-expecting the machine to come alive and sterilise him whole. BUt seriously, it’s all burnt out on the inside, and the water tank at the bottom has crusty bits floating in it. It’s obviously malevolent.

Come to think of it – that traumatic experience could have been that monstrous heater in the basement of Macauley Culkin’s ‘Home Alone’ house.

But, I soldiered on – and it did what it was supposed to do. So as long as it keeps up it’s end of the bargain, I guess I’ll tolerate it. If you don’t know what an autoclave is – it’s a device found in most labs, and it’s used to sterilise equipment at high temperature under high pressure. It will kill any bacterial or fungal contaminants lying around in your bottles, plates etc. and make sure your experiment stays sterile. So far, my plates have been free of fungi, so I’ll concede it has it’s uses…


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If it freaks you out so bad, I’d be more than happy to sell your facility an New autoclave.

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Lol – really? That would be nice, thanks. Maybe a red one, then maybe it will work faster.

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