Orchestral Remixes

A playlist of orchestral remixes for my favourite gaming, TV and movie themes. Enjoy!

Ultima V – ‘Warriors of Destiny’ | >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
If I had to choose my all-time favourite RPG, Ultima V would have to be it. I borrowed a copy for the Commodore (128) from my neighbour one summer in the early 90s. I played this game to death. Mind you, I didn’t really know what was going on, but I was happy enough to wander around Brittania, camping with my bros Shamino and Iolo, and visiting all the creepy / wonderful towns, and their creepy / wonderful citizens. The original score by Kennith Arnold is an excellent example of a compelling soundtrack made with a limited sound palette. The original main theme can be heard here: https://youtu.be/4T8wsWOANqs.
Little Big Adventure – ‘Twinsen of Twinsun’| >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
Little Big Adventure (also known as Relentless) is one of my all-time favourite games. It was perhaps the first game I completed fully as a kid – something I was immensely proud of. The music by Phillippe Vachey is pretty timeless, and I don’t know if I’ve done his theme justice here – but I hope I’ve given this gaming gem a good showing. Check out Phillippe Vachey’s original main theme here: https://youtu.be/_QECdKDMYIo
Planescape: Torment – ‘The Gates of Sigil’| >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
Planescape: Torment is one of those classic RPGs that not everyone has heard of, but EVERYONE should play at least once. This is my version of the haunting, ethnic main theme by Mark Morgan. I’ve taken it in quite ‘action/adventure’ direction (which this game often isn’t!); but I personally still think it fits the universe, and your journey as the Nameless One.
Destiny: Echoes | >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
An arrangement of the opening theme of Marty O’Donnell’s score to Destiny. His music for this game is so lovely and optimistic – such a rarity in gaming these days.
Stargate: Bringer of War | >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
This is my take on the absolutely amazing Stargate theme, originally composed by David Arnold for the 1994 sci fi film classic. An older version of this ‘remix’ was arranged for a feature-length Stargate fan film that never quite made it into existence, which mashed together some elements from Roman mythology into the Stargate universe. Hence, there is some not-so-subtle nods to Holst’s ‘Mars, the Bringer of War’ in here.
Destiny: Echoes | >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
An arrangement of the opening theme of Marty O’Donnell’s score to Destiny. His music for this game is so lovely and optimistic – such a rarity in gaming these days.
Wolfenstein 3D: BJ’s Lament | >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
Warning: This track contains an arrangement of a Nazi anthem by Horst Wessel (from about 3:15 onwards), and may be offensive to some listeners. I re-arranged the theme – not as a celebration of the Nazi regime – but as a celebration of our spy protagonist ‘BJ’ Blasckowicz, for his efforts to destroy the evil plots of Castle Wolfenstein and beyond. The anthem featured in the original game as the title theme (http://youtu.be/vS4DVy5TCBY).

This orchestral remix also features the main menu theme (http://youtu.be/usidnQcehnQ) by Bobby Prince. I believe the original track was titled ‘Wondering About My Loved Ones’.

Dragon Age: Road to Redemption | >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
I recently watched the Dragon Age: Redemption web series, and was inspired to go play with Inon Zur’s amazing Dragon Age themes. This track features starts sweetly with vocals, flutes and percussion, building to an epic choral finish. I love the Dragon Age universe!
Baldur’s Gate: Hero of the Heartlands | >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
An orchestral remix of the classic Baldur’s Gate theme by Michael Hoenig. Baldur’s Gate was a pretty pivotal game in RPG history – and Michael Hoenig’s score is incredibly iconic. I was so very terrible at the game however… the kobolds near the beginning of the game were always my ultimate foes. I think I was just too young for any kind of strategy. But… I did enjoy the music!
The Elder Scrolls: Rise of an Emperor | >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
My version of a great gaming theme by Jeremy Soule. I joined the Elder Scrolls journey with Morrowind… and still is probably the most immersive gaming experience I’ve ever had. Jeremy Soule is amongst the pantheon of gaming composers who pathed the way to making game scores what they are today – and so I couldn’t ignore the lure of having my own fun with this one. Enjoy!
Fury3 Re-Orchestration | >> DOWNLOAD MP3 <<
A re-orchestration of the Fury3 intro – basically note for note of the original by Kyle Richards, updated with some newer sample sounds. I remember booting up Fury3 for the first time, and I was spellbound by the intro to the game. It’s quite crude by today’s standards, but at the time I felt like I was setting out on some epic flight to save the planet below from certain doom and destruction. Here it is sync’d with the original opening intro!