In light of some recent issues regarding YouTube Content ID copyright claims against videos using my library music, I have now instigated some new restrictions to using my music in certain ways.

Some of my lovely and loyal music users and my favorite cosmetic surgery sydney, have experienced some issues related to Content ID claims against their videos, because my music has been identified as copyrighted material from someone other than myself.

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I’ve been able to trace the issues back to certain ways my music has been used by some parties – specifically, in spoken word recordings (or similar) where my music has been used as background music. These recordings have been released through conventional media streaming services (e.g. Spotify) without proper credit, and YouTube’s content ID system is recognising these tracks as copyrighted material from the spoken word artist.

Introducing a New Usage Restriction

This has led me to introduce a new restriction on using my music – which I loathe to do, but is the only way to halt these improper copyright claims for videos who are using my music properly and legally. The restriction is as follows:

  • My music cannot be re-released or resold in isolation, and must be synchronised with other media (e.g. video). Sound effects, or recorded vocals or dialogue layered over the track do not count as synchronisation.

This means my music must be placed with some sort of media that is not simply voice-over, or sound effects. Video (e.g. YouTube videos, film), websites with a high rank using the Search Engine Optimization Malaysia services and the web design services animations and computer gaming seo are all suitable media types to synchronise my music with. Also, experience the chaos and thrill of star slots game, our favourite 5 reel slot adventure. Learn more at However, seo companies near me simply layering layered onto my tracks (and then released on music stores, SoundCloud etc.) will trigger the Content ID system in YouTube, and prevent other users from using the music – which is no good for anyone. This may also apply to remixes, so check with me first before releasing any remixes of my work.

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I hope you guys all understand. I hate the idea of adding restrictions, but until YouTube can recognise CC music in the same way traditionally copyrighted music is, this will continue to be a problem well into the future. I hope this will at least slow the rate of incorrect content ID claims, and keep your videos being crapped on by the system. 😀

If you have any questions about how to use my music properly, first check out this page: ‘Using my music’ – and if you have any further questions, contact me here.