So, I’ve never EVER done this before. I’ve entered a new composition – ‘Eidolon’- in a demo contest. And… if you go vote for it, I will love you forever!

Vote for my track ‘Eidolon’ at:

The contest is promoting the Composer Cloud subscription service from EastWest Sounds (which I have). Three lucky winners get a year’s subscription, which is something that would help a bunch!

The requirement for the composition was to write something using only the recently released Solo Cello and Solo Harp sample libraries. I blasted out ‘Eidolon’, full of driving harp and lots of short, sharp cello writing. I’ve not done something like this before, and it was really refreshing to be limited in my palette – something I think I should do more of in the future.

Please, please PLEASE go vote for my track ‘Eidolon’ at this link: You’ll have to log in using Facebook, which is just the worst – but I’ll send you all the karmic cookies I can find. The more votes I get, the more likely I’ll get shortlisted, as the final pieces are selected from the top 20 most voted tracks.

After the competition is over (and if I don’t win…) I’ll be sure to post the track in the library for you all to download.