Finally getting around to writing something new, I give you a more action-based cue – ‘Soldier of Fortune’.

I’m getting rusty. Ever since La La Land I’ve been fighting a battle against writing continuously writing trailer tracks!

So, in an effort to ‘practice’ and get out of my trailer rut, I’ve set about doing some short cue-like ‘sketches’ – starting and finishing a track within a short time frame (2-4 hours), focussed around an image or film sequence as inspiration.

The idea is creating something that is more film score than trailer score. I’ve got some cool work coming up, and I want to be sure that I’m able to write a film score when the time comes!

For ‘Soldier of Fortune’, I found an awesome piece of digital artwork by ukitakumuki called ‘Shrapnel’ (I think it was prepared for Zombie Studios as concept art for Blacklight: Retribution). It’s big and burly, with underscore elements that I’ve only now remembered that I love to write. The track finishes with a big thematic section. Just cuz I can.

semiquaverSoldier of Fortune | DOWNLOAD >> [audio:sb_soldieroffortune.mp3|titles=Soldier of Fortune|artists=Scott Buckley]

I hope you guys enjoy it! I enjoyed getting my action on… 🙂

EDIT: Here’s the YouTube version!


‘Soldier of Fortune’ is released under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported” License. For other licenses (including commercial), please contact Scott.