Happy 2013! Here’s a new track for you all – ‘Ashes of a Fallen Year’… an uplifting, if slightly melancholy orchestral track to start off my music releases for the year.

I spent my New Year’s Eve eating home-made pizza and watching Blu-rays of movies my wife and I never got around to seeing at the cinemas. Prometheus was fun – I heart good suspenseful action flicks.

Anyways… here is a new track for the new year. Let’s make 2013 a good one – let’s make some beautiful work together peeps! 😀

semiquaverAshes of a Fallen Year | DOWNLOAD >>

[audio:http://www.scottbuckley.com.au/wp-content/audio/sb_ashesofafallenyear.mp3|titles=Ashes of a Fallen Year|artists=Scott Buckley]
‘Ashes of a Fallen Year’ is released under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported” License. For other licenses (including commercial), please contact Scott.