Many moons ago, I was enlisted to work on the ‘Treasure of the Templars’ feature-length Indiana Jones fan film. I was eventually replaced… BUT, I do have a few tracks to remember the occasion, so I thought I’d release them.

The following tracks were composed for the opening section of the film – somewhat in the style of John Williams (as much as I can anyway). The first track (the alternate track) was composed early on before additional footage was added to fill out the storyline. It features moments of sparseness, discovery and ends in a build-up to an action sequence which wasn’t quite there yet. Oh, and it also features smatterings of John William’s Indy theme to boot.

semiquaverTreasure of the Templars (Alternate Version)| DOWNLOAD >>

This second track is much longer (around 7 minutes), and features a lot more content, with new themes and a much more developed Indy theme statement. Although sometimes the mix is a little crude in places, I had a lot of fun with it. Not quite John Williams, but I hope I did him some justice. I even went to the effort of buying Project Sam Trumpets for the occasion, so those damn trumpets seem to feature pretty prominently.

semiquaverTreasure of the Templars (Final Version) | DOWNLOAD >>

Considering that both were composed to much of the same footage (especially in the first 3 minutes, with a few exceptions), its interesting to listen back to hear how I’ve interpreted those scenes in each version. Different, but the same.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy them!


PS. Check out for more info about the film!!!